Best Cats For Busy Lifestyle

Thinking of getting a furry companion to liven up your house but do not have the luxury of time? A cat might be the right pet for you! Cats are well-known to be independent whereby they can be left alone for long periods of time while their owners are at work. However, this doesn’t means you can neglect them as despite been low maintenance, they still need a fair share of low and attention. Also do keep in mind there are many different breeds of cat and not all are suitable for people with busy lifestyle. Read on if you are in interested to find out the best cats for busy lifestyle!

Best Cats For Busy Lifestyle

To guide you in determining what type of cat that might be suitable for you, following are some points of consideration you might like to consider. Firstly, you should consider how long would your cat be left alone at home? Some cats tend to be more social and enjoys human companion. Hence if you do not have much time for the cat, you might like to go for cat which requires lesser human companionship.

Secondly, would you like your cat to stay indoor or outdoor? Thirdly, do you have or intend to get more than 1 pet, example another cat or dog? This is an important point of consideration as some cats respond better than others in sharing their home with other pets. Next, what level of activeness are you looking at? Typically people should get a cat that best match their own level of activeness.

Following on, you might also like to consider if you prefer your cats physique to be small or large, the length of the coat, the color of the coat and whether you like a ‘talkative’ cat. Pertaining to the length of the cat’s coat, do be aware that this have a great influence to the level of maintenance needed to keep you cat looking its best.


The Persian cat breed is characterized by its round face, short muzzle, large eyes, short legs and extremely long and thick coat. Coupled with its sweet and quiet personality, the Persian is a popular cat across all ages. The easygoing and affection Persian is often known to be close to its owners and are friendly towards strangers. They prefer to be at home whereby they gain a sense of security and serenity.

That been said, it does need attention and is not suitable for owners whom tends to be away most of the time. Another reason for saying so is due to the fact that this breed requires daily brushing and occasional baths to prevent mats and maintain its long and thick coat. As such, if you are interested in the Persian personality but does not have the time to groom it everyday, you may like to consider the Exotic. The Exotic is the short-haired version of the Persian.



The Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and comes with a variety of color coat. It is generally a large sized cat with muscular build. Being a longhair cat, it requires daily grooming to ensure its fur does not mat. Sociable and loving, the Ragdoll enjoys human companion and gets along easily with children as well as dogs. The Ragdoll is also known for its laid-back, gentle temperament and affectionate nature. This cat is suitable to be kept indoors and adapt well to apartment life.

British Shorthair

Best Cats For Busy Lifestyle

The British Shorthair is a medium to large size cat with short, dense, plush coat. Having short coat, it makes them easy to groom. They comes in a variety of pattern and shades. Although they do not talk frequently, they are a loud purrer. They are affectionate, calm and easygoing; hence, they enjoys being around people but are not clingy. They loves to play with children and enjoys curling up beside you.

Despite saying so, they can be happy alone at home as long as there are plenty of toys to keep them entertained. However, it is encouraged to have regular play sessions with them to prevent them from developing a weight problem. All in all, they make an ideal pets for families or single as well.

Russian Blue

Best Cats For Busy Lifestyle

The Russian Blue cat is easily distinguished with its emerald green eyes and silver-tipped blue coat. It has many similarities to the British Shorthair. Firstly, they are affectionate cats but are not clingy. Just like the British Shorthair, they gets along well with all members of the household, including other animals, provided you treat it with due respect. However, due to their shy nature, they take awhile to warm up to people. Next, the Russian Blue cat can also be left alone for several hours when provided with sufficient “entertainments”.

On the contrary to the British Shorthair, the Russian Blue requires higher grooming effort. These cats needs to be groomed twice a week. They are also quieter.